Tutorial Deepfake Tutorial (Make anyone into a pornstar)

Anya Kurbainov

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Oct 21, 2022
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Videos requirements
High resolution (4k webm is best, lower than 1080p is not recommended

Faces not too far from camera and unobstructed

Multiple angles, facial expressions

Brightly and evenly lit

Faces should somewhat match (beard, hat, hair, skin color, shape, glasses)

Need at least 2 mins of good quality video, interview videos work well

Downloading Software
Download link DeepFaceLab :
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Make sure to pick the right build for your GPU. If you don’t have a GPU, use the CLSSE build

The downloaded .exe will extract and install the program to the location of your choosing.

A workspace folder will be created. This is the folder where all the action will happen.

Extracting faces from source video
Name the source video data_src and place it in the \workspace folder.

Most formats that ffmpeg supports will work

Run 2) extract images from video data_src

Use PNG (better quality)

FPS <= 10 that gets you at least 2000 images (4k-6k is ideal)

Run 4) data_src extract faces S3FD best GPU

Extracted faces saved to data_src\aligned.

Run 4.2.2) data_src sort by similar histogram

Groups similar detected faces together

Run 4.1) data_src check result

Delete faces that are not the right person, super blurry, cut off, upside down or sideways, or obstructed

Run 4.2.other) data_src util add landmarks debug images

New images with _debug suffix are created in data_src/aligned which allow you to see the detected facial landmarks

Look for faces where landmarks are misaligned and delete the _debug and original images for those

Once you’re done, delete all _debug images by using the search bar to filter for _debug

Run 4.2.6) data_src sort by final

Choose a target image number around 90% of your total faces

Extracting faces from destination video
Name your final video data_dst and put it in the \workspace folder

Run 3.2) extract PNG from video data_dst FULL FPS

Run 5) data_dst extract faces S3FD best GPU

Run 5.2) data_dst sort by similar histogram

Run 5.1) data_dst check results

Delete all faces that are not the target face to swap, or are the target face but upside down or sideways. Every face that you leave in will be swapped in the final video.

Run 5.1) data_dst check results debug

Delete any faces that are not correctly aligned or missing alignment, paying special attention to the jawline. We will manually align these frames in the next step.


We run this step to manually align frames that we deleted in the last step. The manually aligned faces will be automatically extracted and used for converting. You must manually align frames you want converted (swapped) even if it’s a lot of work. If you fail to do so, your swap will use the original face for those frames.

Manual alignment instructions:

For each face, move your cursor around until it aligns correctly onto the face

If it’s not aligning, use the mouse scroll wheel / zoom to change the size of the boxes

When alignment is correct, hit enter

Go back and forth with , and .. If you don’t want to align a frame just skip it with .

Mouse left click will lock/unlock landmarks. You can either lock it by clicking or hitting enter.

Run 6) train SAEHD

You will need to run this for a long time to get good quality deepfake, keep checking previews to see how good it is and until your satisfied

Run 7) convert SAEHD

While conversion is running, you can preview the final images data_dst\merged folder to make sure it’s correct. If it’s not, just close the convert window, delete /merged and start conversion again.

Run 8) converted to mp4

Bitrate of 3-8 is sufficient for most

And your done

Here are some YouTube tutorials if its easier for you to follow:

Good luck with ur deepfakes :1539: